GroupMove is a windows application to help with extracting course groups form delivered student assignments which are to be graded.


By clicking the Help button you can get help on GroupMove. By clicking on the image on the left you can open a facebook page which was created for discussions about GroupMove.

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- Version

You can now select specific assignments to extract. When reading a file, you see how many submissions and how many no sub missions there are. Added select count and add all buttons to the specific solutions form. Added a context menu to the listboxes which will allow the user to copy selected solutions to the clipboard. On the form Select specific solutions duplicated numbers have been removed. Many grades can be changed at ones. Many comments can be added to grading files. When selecting specific assignment, you can now select a range in each select box.

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- Version

This version and the following versions can update itself, and is created to test the update feature of version

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- Version

This and the next versions will be able to update it self.

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- Version 1.4.2

After splitting up assignments, you can now use that new split up to extract assignments into folders. I also fixed a bug when unzipping a file with all entries (files) in the root.

Upgraded this version from 1.4 to 1.4.1, on 4.3.2016 at 10:15. These were minor changes involving when creating a upload file.

Upgraded this version from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2, on 4.3.2016 at 18:00. After reading a xls file the appliction will close the excel workbook and therefore fixing bug that left a instance of excel running.

Download version 1.4.2

- Version 1.3.6

Adding one menu item allowing you to devide up handed in assignments onto groups.

Download version 1.3.6

- Version 1.3

Changed the look, by adding a menu at top and a status bar at the bottom. All tooltips are now showed on the status bar as well. The buttons "Destination" and "Exit" where moved to the command menu. I added images for the desktop icon and Add/Remove icon in "Programs and Features".

New features were added "Make upload file" which copies all grades from the "to" folder into a zip file which is then ready for you to upload to myschool. After you have graded all your assgnments you can select this command from the command menu and create the zip file mentioned above.

Download version 1.3

- Version 1.2

GroupMove can now read Excel documents, and minor bugs fixed.

Download version 1.2

- Version 1.1

An untested version, but has a "unzip all feature. Note, before installing this version please uninstall the previous version by opening Program and Features and uninstall GroupMove from there.

Download version 1.1

- Version 1.0

This version has been tested a little.

Download version 1.0

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