Last modified: 31.08.2019

started: 11.01.2019

My goal is carve out my daughters name Sóley, from a wooden board and be able to light it up with different light schemes. I want to use VoffCon to handle the commands sent to the project. I will also be using the FastLED Library to control the light strip.

The type of the light strip I will be using is APA102 5V addressable and to control the strip I will be using Esp32 development board

Component needed

I will need these items for the project

  • 12 millimeter Wooden board for letters
  • 5 millimeter Wooden board for stubs
  • Glue for wood
  • Glue heat gun, and glue for it
  • Sandpaper, and/or a Sanding power tool
  • Jigsaw, for carvign

and these electrical components

  • Esp32 development module
  • ?? Watts 5V Power supply
  • Addressable APA102 5V addressable light strip
Esp32 development module image 5V Power supply, ?? Watts image Light-strip image

Making the Board

Drawing and cutting the 12 mm board

Sanded and 5mm stubs glued to 12mm board. Then glued the strip with a glue gun to the stubs. I also labeled each pixel with a number. First pixel is number 0 and last number 127.

Back of the project

Back of the project

Hung the board up on a wall, and it look fine I think. At least my daughter is happy with ith

The VoffCon Code

I will need to create a VoffCon Control and VoffCon Control Card.

The VoffCon control Card:

    // Comming soon

VoffCon Control javascript class:

//comming soon 

VoffCon Control html template:

//comming soon 

The Device Code

The program for the device is made up from ? files

ledDeviceServerEsp32.ino is this the main program running on the device

StripHelper.h This is the header file for controlling the strip

StripHelper.cpp This is the implementation file for controlling the strip

Adding this project to your VoffCon server

Just ask, and I'll help you. Email me at